Hemp Products

Tight Joints Plus was one of the first brands to introduce American-grown and produced hemp seed nutrition and wellness into our products.  Just like our Original and Gold Formulas, we strive to only use the best ingredients with no fillers and avoid ingredients with inflammatory properties. We continuously test and improve our products to offer only the highest quality that we are proud to share from our family to yours.

Our nutritional hemp offerings start and finish with one ingredient: Hemp Seeds. This super seed is known as one of the most well-balanced and nutritionally beneficial plant proteins on the planet.  It comes naturally rich with the perfect balance of Omega fatty acids, Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), all 21 Amino Acids, natural Vitamin E, Fiber, Protein, Vitamins and Minerals that horses need. Our hemp is 100% American-grown and produced in the Pacific Northwest.

For the best results, know your hemp!

The hemp extract that we use for our Hemp CBD Cookies and hemp extracts uses 100% American-grown hemp. We use Broad Spectrum CBD distillate, in which all of the beneficial oils and compounds in the plant are kept, while extracting out the THC, leaving a wholesome extract of beneficial properties. This high-quality extract allows for giving smaller doses to animals with better results.

Many companies use a lower quality CBD and “isolate” in which the full spectrum of beneficial compounds are stripped, leaving a product that requires high dosing, and at a lower cost. Beware of these products. Not only are they not as effective, but it requires taking much higher milligram amounts for much less relief, which deceives consumers into spending more money on less effective products.

We use the highest quality CBD for our products, and test and verify all of our products for cannabinoid potency profile. Don’t be fooled by cheaper imitation products and high-dose claims! 

Made with 100% American-grown Hemp!

Our line of Hemp Products

Hemp Extract

Our HEMP EXTRACTS are formulated and made 100% with human-grade ingredients so they can be used to support you or your animals. Available in two strengths (300, 600) and natural flavor for dogs and three strengths (300, 600, 1200) in mint for horses. Humans can take either. Formulated to support inflammatory response & stress.

Bliss Bites

Our BLISS BITES Hemp CBD Horse Cookies contain 25 mg of broad spectrum (0% THC) CBD each, crafted with love and care to provide easy and convenient support for ailments effected by mood, stress, anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

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Hemp Ultra 10+

Our HEMP ULTRA 10+ Protein Pellets are made with only one ingredient: Hemp Seeds. After seeds are crushed for oil, the remaining nutrient-rich shells pack fiber and protein with all 10 Essential Amino Acids and essential fatty acids to support skin & coat, performance, and overall health. 

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Hemp Seed OIL

Our HEMP SEED OIL is 100% pure, cold-pressed from grain varieties that are bred and grown for taste and nutritional profile rich with EFAs and EAAs. Add to feed to support inflammatory response, gut and joint health, heart health, skin & coat, stamina, and performance.

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